Last Supper :)

Jo & I are so grateful and thankful for our house parents, Art & Irma Wilson who have put up with us and have helped us tramendiously. Despite their prayers, encouragements, abundance of rice & stripples, and amazing hospitality, they have become apart of our family, our spiritual house parents that is. Every morning, they have blessed us with breakfast and a daily dose of Desire of Ages. Heres a picture of them and our hardcore THRIVE team at our last Supper together as a family. 



Translation, Meetings and Babies!


Something I’m thankful for: The gift of tongues, the gift of evangelism and the gift of BABIES!

Please pray for: Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, Nate, Sherrie (they just got baptized last Sabbath!) and all those who will be making decisions in the future!

As the preservation stage begins, I know that there is so much to be thankful for. Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, so here are three-thousand!

Baby Clothes



An inspiring quote:

“If those who knew the truth and were established in it were indeed in need of having its importance kept over before them and their minds stirred up by the repetition of it, how important that this work is not neglected for those newly come to the faith. Everything in the interpretation of the Scripture is new and strange to them, and they will be in danger of losing the force of the truth and receiving ideas not correct. In many efforts that have been made the work has been left incomplete.”

Letter 60, 1886.

Revelation Seminar Ends with a Bang!!

After 2 weeks of sweat, hardwork, prayers, and tears, The Lord blesses us with 3 Baptisms and 1 profession of faith yesterday Sabbath morning at the Carson City SDA Church. As Westney made the final appeal this last week, we counted about 20 souls who desired to go down into the watery grave; 4 of which, were ready to take that call yesterday Sabbath morning! As our new Pastor Tony presents our 4 new members to the church in Baptism, Heaven rejoiced with gladness. Continue to pray for them and their preservation n Salvation.









Janine & George’s Movie Experience!

About a month ago, I knocked on Janine and George’s apartment while canvassing in Carson City Nevada. Found out that they both were very interested in prophecy. Long story short, they got a Great Controversy, Daniel Chronicles, Theodicy, and signed up for Bible Studies. 2 weeks later I came back to study the 1st Storacle on Daniel Chapter 2 with them and both were amazed and shocked! They had told me that they were watching a documentary on the book of Daniel via the history channel and always wanted to check to see if the tv was right according to the Scriptures. As we studied Daniel 2, they started to see the flaws in the history channel documentary. Fast forward 3 weeks from then at my last visit, they told me that they decided to give our documentaries (Daniel Chronicles & Theodicy) a try. While watching the DC, everything was going smoothly till about half way, when it froze up and stopped playing! At that moment, Janine pulled out the DVD to clean it. She placed it back in and it started to play just fine. George says that the way this documentary began was amazingly done and Biblical/historical to the tee!! But about half way through, their brand new DVD (Chronicles) had frozen up and stopped playing. It not only happened to that DVD but the same exact thing happened to Theodicy. They removed it and placed a used Disney DVD in it played all the way through. At that moment they realized that it was the devil hindering them from watching those 2 present truth documentaries. Satan was attacking but they pressed on. They gave the Daniel Chronicles DVD that night to one of their friends who watched it from begining to end with no problem! Their friend Tammey called Janine up the next morning and said she wanted to get her own copy of it. Long story short, Tammey purchased a DC & Theodicy from me, and Janine has been coming to the Revelation Seminar. She has won 2 quiz questions already earning for herself an 8 Laws DVD and a Naturally Gourmet. Indeed an answer to prayer for someone who just got out of jail, someone who just had stomach surgery, and someone who loves to watch movies. By God’s grace, she will be a Seventh-Day Adventist 🙂




Pan Dulce and the Babylonian Mary

After a long day of passing out flyers, we decided to go get a victory treat! A local panaderia was close so we swung by without reservation. :]

Andrew Pan Dulce

To make a long story short…

1) We saw a rack of books in the shop and one book caught our attention–it was a book about idolotry, Babylon and the Virgin Mary.

2) Speaking with the shop owner we found out that he was a member of a non-denominational church and was very aware of many of the problems that the Catholic faces. He was also very interested in the book of Revelation! We ended up giving him a Great Controversy. (Of course we invited him to the evangelistic series we are having on the book of Revelation :p)

3) He ended up coming to the series with his wife, but he also brought pastor with him!

Everywhere and anywhere there are souls waiting for an invitation to hear the truth, even at a panaderia shop!

We also got free pan dulce…

Fish Pan Dulce

Health Expo

It’s begun!! 11am till 5pm today only!!! Come on down to Walmart (South End of Carson City Nevada) for a free health screen, massage, blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, and health counseling. Sponsored by Weimar’s HEALTH Program & THRIVE Company!





Comebacks are a Blessing :)

Met a woman in Carson City while canvassing to which she told me to come back the very next day for a donation. When I came back the following day, I noticed a mail with my name on it on her front door. Opened it and found a pamphlet to and $5. I immediately wrote her a letter and invited her to our cooking school, health expo, and Revelation seminar. Then I left her a Happiness for Life (Steps to Christ) and left the book and note on her door. Comebacks are a true blessing!




Something I’m Grateful for: Spanish brothers and sisters!

There is a young church plant growing in our church! It is really inspiring to see the primitive faith growing in our local SDA church 🙂 We’re trying to brush up on our Spanish so we can give some testimonies without having Abraham translate!

An inspirational quote: 

The early church was made up of many classes of people, of various nationalities. At the time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, “there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.” Acts 2:5

Acts of the Apostles, 87

Cooking Class!

The Stats: THRIVE Cooking School!

Total Number of Attendees (Combined): 75~

Total Number of Non-Adventist Attendees (Combined): 20~

Something I’m thankful for: The cooking school was amazing! Because of the right arm of the gospel we were able to get a number of Bible study contacts! 🙂

A powerful quote:

The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the Word. It is the Lord’s design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great efforts to proclaim the gospel message.

Medical Ministry, 259